Are directories case-sensitive?

Standard behavior: Windows file system treats file and directory names as case-insensitive.

Are Linux shell commands case sensitive?

Linux/Unix commands are case-sensitive. The terminal can be used to accomplish all Administrative tasks. This includes package installation, file manipulation, and user management. Linux terminal is user-interactive.

Should file extensions be capitalized?

Are file extensions to be capitalised (e.g. PDF file, JPG image or pdf file, jpg image)? Yes, it works best to capitalize them, as they are easier to read in this form, and they are mostly abbreviations anyway (acronyms or at least initialisms).

Are UNC paths case sensitive?

Note that the UNC path is not case-sensitive. A UNC path makes it easy to navigate the network, particularly when you know the path name already.

Are Unix commands case sensitive or case-insensitive are UNIX file and directory names case sensitive or case-insensitive?

Yes. pure Unix commands are case-sensitive. Since you are working in Cygwin,it was the windows mkdir command executed rather than Cygwin mkdir. Since Windows (DOS) commands are case-insensitive, the capitalized command MKDIR.exe got executed.

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