Are directories case-sensitive in Linux?

On Linux, the file system is case sensitive. This means that you could have files named file, File, and FILE in the same folder. Each file would have different contents – Linux treats capitalized letters and lower-case letters as different characters.

Is FindFirstFile case sensitive?

Progress: I’ve discovered that Windows’ FindFirstFile and friends functions respects the case sensitivity of the directory even without using the FIND_FIRST_EX_CASE_SENSITIVE . It will not return a file with invalid casing.

What is Findfirstfileexw?

Searches a directory for a file or subdirectory with a name and attributes that match those specified. For the most basic version of this function, see FindFirstFile. To perform this operation as a transacted operation, use the FindFirstFileTransacted function.

What is WIN32_FIND_DATA?

WIN32_FIND_DATA-type variables hold information found about a file from a file search operation. This information includes the file’s attributes; its creation, last-access, and last-modified times; the size of the file; its long filename; and its short filename.

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